Team Yonezawa ヨーロッパキャンプ Day 13

6月7日 ヨーロッパキャンプ Day 13


We had started the day late so that kids got enough sleep. It was raining at night but it had cleared up by the time we woke up. The village was situated in the middle of nowhere but the tennis club was really nice one. I saw the culture of the tennis of Czech Republic here.
Since it was on the high altitude the ball bounces higher than usual so that it took some time to adjust to the control the depth of the balls. We practiced twice today and played a lot of sets. After we signed up for the tournament we did the fitness as usual.
The village was in the woods so that the air was nice and clean and kids looked very happy today.
I just hope that they all have great matches!!

The U12 team in Serbia had a good day. Yesterday we had a player not feeling well but today we practiced all day really hard. Everybody ran 500 meters sprints 12 times or more!! We did a lot of basics from the back courts. On clay we must make endless rallies!!



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