Team Yonezawa ヨーロッパキャンプ Day 24

6月18日 ヨーロッパキャンプ Day 24 28度

This week we are playing Cacak Open U14. Everyone who played U12 in Cacak played today. Every one played a good match but nobody managed to win from U12s . They both played good matches.
Damon was in his good form and won easy today. He is going to play the 2nd match tomorrow.
In this tournament Ken and Ryo who did not get in the draw in U12s played this morning. They both played well. They are getting used to the red clay courts even though they lost their matches. After the matches we left for Pancevo to play a tournament while Damon stayed in Cacak with Bosko.
In the minivan on the way to Pancevo we drove thru the country side of Serbia. It was a nice ride in the beautiful landscape. Everybody was happy to back in Pancevo house. Milka and Milo welcome us so much. The dinner was waiting for us so that we ate as soon as we arrived.
Lukas, Yusuke and Haru had a easy day today. They practiced in the morning and took easy in the afternoon. They looked very happy to see other kids came back to the house.



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