Team Yonezawa ヨーロッパキャンプ Day 8

6月2日 雨

It has been raining all day all night!! We woke up at 4:50 am and had a good breakfast then went to the indoor tennis courts. We practiced from 6 to 9 am. We were lucky that we saved our courts to play as many other players had not managed to have a hit. The matches started at 12 pm and Haru and Damon were scheduled to play the 7th and 8th match of the day. But After all day of waiting our matches were postpone to tomorrow morning at 8 am.

Lukas and Yusuke had good fitness in the park. We did a lot of footwork drill while the rain was not so heavy. Lukas and Yusuke were always motivated to do the fitness. It is very important to have a good work ethic. I love working with players who works hard. And I believe that they will reach their goal someday!!



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