Team Yonezawa ヨーロッパキャンプ Day 9

6月3日 朝から雨の予想で8時からの試合が組まれていたので6時から練習スタートで1日が始まった。試合の方はTennis Europe Pecs(Hungary)本戦1回戦で井上晴は4041(雨の為ショートセット)で2回戦へ進出、デーモンロバートは競りながらもハンガリーの選手に24、45(タイブレーク2‐7)で敗退した。外に出ての2回戦では晴はシードのオーストリアの選手に残念ながら46、64 、7-10(ファイナルセットは日程の関係でスーパータイブレーク)で敗れた。

We finally had a nice day!! Tennis Europe tournament Pecs finally started for us. Since the matches were scheduled for 8 am we started our practice at 6 am. Then Haru went on the court. Haru won his 1st round match 4041 against a Hungarian but Damon lost his close match by 24 45 (2/7) against a Hungarian. Because of the weather the 1st round matches were played with short sets. Then in the afternoon Haru played against an Austrian player and lost a close match.
It was not so easy to play the clay court specialist on clay. Damon and Haru both made too many unforced error. They were still playing the game to fast!
We practiced and worked out for a long time since the weather was nice. Everybody was very tired by the end of the day. We only came home at 7:30 pm after a long day.



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